Silicone Nesting Dolls

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Our silicone nesting dolls come in 2 different animals (bears and kittens) with 2 different colours. Perfect for engaging your child in imaginative play. Stacking and unstacking the pieces help children develop their fine motor and problem solving skills. Nesting toys also help kids learn language skills, math (sizing, measurement etc), and allows them to be creative. Toys can also be brought into the bath for a safe and mold free toy. Each set comes with 4 dolls.

Suitable for children over the age of 3 years old.
The smaller parts can be a choking hazard to children aged 3 and under. Adult supervision is always recommended.

The biggest doll is 5" (12.5cm) high with 2.6" (6.5cm) diameter.

The smallest doll is 2" (5.3 cm) high with a 1" (2.7 cm) diameter.

Give your child the joy of playing with our eco toys!