Rainbow Chewie Clip

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Our 100% food grade silicone Hot Air Balloon chewie ring comes in Rainbow and Green Tones.


 Chewie Rings are great for teething babies and for children with sensory disorders. These rings are perfect to pop into a diaper bag or to hand to a baby while they are on the play mat. The Rings can be put in the fridge or freezer to help cool swollen gums. 

Our Chewie Rings make great hand held teething accessories. Not only are they cute, bright and colourful, they are functional as well. Babies and Children  can entertain themselves by playing with the ring, looking at the colourful beads or relieving some teething pain/sensory seeking  by giving it a chew. Bonus, as baby grows they can use the ring as a bracelet, it is also a great bracelet for children over the age of 3. Please note that these are NOT adult sized bracelets.