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Hi, I'm Melissa. 

I have been working with children of all ages and abilities since I can remember. From babysitting, working in camps, to tutoring and working in childcare. I have always had a soft spot for children with sensory disorders. I left my full-time career in a management position for a Child Care Agency to grow Munching Monster Chewlery.

This is my little monster. 

I purchased my first teething product when Lily was 3 months old. After a short few weeks, Lilly lost the product as there was nothing to clip it on to her. After a friend suggested I make Lilly a new one - I got inspired. I couldn't find a high-quality, affordable option available - so I started making one. After a lot of research, to find all the safety information Munching Monster was born!  

Shop Lilly's Favorites

Monster Zipper Pulls showing all colour variations
Monster Zipper Pulls showing all colour variations
Monster Zipper Pulls in black
Monster Zipper Pulls in lilly pink
Monster Zipper Pulls in monster blue

Monster Zipper Pulls

Child Size Rainbow Hexagon Necklace
Child Size Rainbow Hexagon Necklace

Child Size Rainbow Hexagon Necklace

Rose Pearl Necklace in multiple colours
Rose Pearl Necklace in multiple colours
Rose Pearl Necklace in purple
Rose Pearl Necklace in blue

Rose Pearl Necklace

brick bracelets showing multiple colours
brick bracelets showing multiple colours
brick bracelet in orange
child playing with brick bracelets
brick bracelets in red
brick bracelet in green
brick bracelet in red

Brick Bracelet


Handmade, With Love

Every product is handmade in Hamilton, ON by me and my team.

Safety Guarantee

Every product design goes through a third-party safety check.

Quality Guaranteed Icon

Quality Guarantee

If your monster doesn't like it - let us know. We care about every lil monster.

Customer Love

Tiffany St. Pierre

I love getting chewellery from here not only a local business but from a local mom. She is super friendly and a great person to do business with and usually prompt with replies. Thank you for all of your hard work you put into every individual chewellery.

Caitlin Norwich-Stevenson

Munching Monsters was a life saver for us. My 5.5 is Autistic and also has ADHD. Chewing on things is one of the only things that helps him to be able focus. I was having a hard time finding him things that would hold up to an older child's chewing and didn't look like a babies toy. Kids are mean, and he was getting made fun of for using what I was able to find at toys r us. I went on a search for something that would look more age appropriate but still meet his needs. Someone recommended munching monster to me and I was able to get him a Lego bricks chew necklace and it's been amazing for him. Sturdy, cool looking and it came in his favourite colour. I'll be stocking up on more for him soon!

Emily Moxie

I have 2 kids age 2.5 and 4.5 and from when they were babies until now Munching Monster Chewlery has offered safe and affordable items to satisfy my teething babies and toddlers and support my older son’s need for something to chew. Fast, reliable service with a smile - Melissa has been able to consult with me on my kids needs, personalized orders and make every transaction easy. I highly recommend!!

Tamara L

We’ve been using MMC for over 2 years now with my daughter and we have about 10 pieces. We absolutely love every product we’ve purchased and Melissa is absolutely amazing! These make for great shower gifts as well since every baby will go through the joys of teething at some point! I recommend MMC to all my friends.

Amber Young

Always Super friendly and helpful. We have three of their chewie clips and my daughters love them. We've gifted a few too. They're adorable, easy to clean and very durable. I really liked that they use plastic clips not metal.

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